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Martin Nekola


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Dr. Martin Nekola (b. 1982) received his doctorate in political science at Charles University Prague, Czech Republic. His research is focused on non-democratic regimes, the era of Communism, Czech communities abroad and the East European anti-communist exiles in the USA during the Cold War. From time to time he participates in election observation missions organized by the OSCE (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe). He is author of more than 200 articles and has so far published eight books, the most recent of which are "Petr Zenkl: Politik a člověk (Petr. Zenkl: Politician and Man)", 2014, "Kravé století (Bloody Century)", 2015 and "Česke Chicago (Czech Chicago)", 2017. He is also Czechoslovak Talks Project consultant and works closely with the Bohemian National Hall in New York City.

Research interest

  • Czech refugees in Displaced Persons Camps in Germany, Austria and Italy after the Communist coup in 1948

Current DP project

  • research on "American Fund for Czechoslovak Refugees", Jan Papanek papers, New York Public Library, Bohemian National Hall NYC Archives, Library of Congress

Other projects



  • Hitlerovi satrapové (Hitler´s satraps), Prague 2008, awarded by Miroslav Ivanov Non-fiction Literature Award 2009

  •  Mocní Třetí Říše (The Powerful ones of the Third Reich), Prague 2010
  •  Vyslanci hákového kříže (Emissars of the swastika), Prague 2011, awarded by Egon Erwin Kisch International Non-fiction Literature Award 2011
  •  Operace Kondor (Operation Condor), Prague 2012
  •  Petr Zenkl: Politik a Člověk (Petr Zenkl: Political biography), Prague 2014
  •  Krvavé století (Bloody Century), Prague 2015
  •  Diktátoři černého kontinentu (Dictators of the Black Continent), Prague 2015
  •  České Chicago (Czech Chicago), Prague 2017


Essays (selection)

  • The Assembly of Captive European Nations: A Transnational Organization and Tool of Anti-Communist Propaganda, in: Luc van Dongen, Stéphanie Roulin and Giles Scott-Smith (eds.), Transnational Anti-Communism and the Cold War: Agents, Activities, and Networks, Palgrave Macmillan Transnational History series, Basingstoke 2014, 96-112

  • “For The Freedom of Captive European Nations”: East-European Exiles in the Cold War, in : Historical Research, Nov. 2014 (Vol. 87), Institute of Historical Research, University of London, London 2014, 723-741
  • Supranational Organizations of the East-European Émigrés: A Half-forgotten Chapter of the Cold War, in: Jašek, Peter (ed.): Political exile from Central and Eastern Europe. Motives, strategies, activities and perceptions of East and West, 1945-1989, Bratislava 2017, 422-444
  • International Federation of Free Journalists: Opposing Communist Propaganda During the Cold War, in: Media and Communication, Volume 5, Issue 3, Lisbon 2017, 103-106



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  • Anotace knihy Stranické legitimace, vážení! Československá sociální demokracie na útěku poválečnou Evropou 1948-1953 (Party IDs! Czechoslovak Social Democratic Party on the move in post-war Europe), in: Securitas imperii  29/2, 310-313
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