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Serafima Velkovich


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Serafima Velkovich, PhD candidate at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel, is an experienced researcher in the Reference and Information Department of the Yad Vashem Archives division, Jerusalem.

DP project

"The next chapter: DP born baby boomers in search of their identity" (PhD project). The project deals with microhistory of the Holocaust survivors´ families and present day identity of the Jewish former DP babies.


  • Polish Citizenship as a Way to Freedom: How Soviet Jews Escaped the Totalitarian Regime Using Polish Documents, in: Katharina Friedla/Markus Nesselrodt (ed.): History and Memory of Polsih Jews in the USSR, forthcoming 2021
  • Polski paszport jako droga do wolności. Żydowscy uchodźcy z ZSRR po II wojnie światowej, in: Lidia Zessin-Jurek/Katharina Friedla: Syberiada Żydów polskich. Żydowski Instytut Historyczny, Warszawa 2020
  • Considering the Past for the Future: Young German-Speaking Volunteers at Yad Vashem, Jerusalem 2014 (Working Paper, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
  • The Child´s Image in Russian TV Commercials: Specificities in Attitudes of Jerusalem and Moscow Viewers, in: Etnograficheskoe obozrenie journal, Institute of Ethnology & Antrhopology, Russian Academy of Sciences 1 (2007)

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